We’re ‘The Interns,’ Michael Dugan and Charlie Clarke. We love talking about the Big Ten and we probably do it too much. We previously worked with 247Sports/Wildcat Digest before becoming independent. Here’s our story:

Over lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, 75 percent of the Wildcat Digest brain-trust at the time (Chris Emma, Michael Dugan, Charlie Clarke) decided it’d be fun to do a podcast. We had been a year removed from 5-week stints at WGN Radio, where we began podcasting (RIP Basketball Daily). Chris Emma was writing with CBS Chicago and 670 The Score at the time.


For the next year, we were branded as ‘The Interns,’ visualized through a miraculously successful photo given the circumstances and budget. Former Michigan State beat writer with Land of 10 and Wildcat Digest editor, Luke Srodulski, worked the Photoshop and we were off!

Over our only podcasting season with 247Sports, we posted about 30 episodes and accumulated nearly 3,000 listeners. This is our new platform, welcome to it. Let’s enjoy some Big Ten football and basketball together.